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Functionalities of economic Intermediaries3

Maturity Transformation3

Risk Transformation4

Comfort Denomination5

Benefits of Financial Intermediaries6

Reconciling Conflicting Preferences of Lenders and Borrowers7 Distributing and Minimizing Investment Risks8

Economies of Scale Minimizes Costs8

Economies of Range Reduces Cost9

Summary and Conclusion10


Financial markets can often be viewed as the collection of most potential buyers and sellers of various types of financial products or/and services together with the specific deals between them. Especially, they provide a safe and controlled platform intended for borrowers and lenders to conduct investments between them that might be mutually beneficial to both parties. One might after that anticipate, with basic understanding of how economy works, that borrowers and lenders within a financial market would not control with each other directly but rather do it through an agent of a certain form and efficiency; much in the same way that a person typically purchases their each week grocery in a high road retailer instead of from the first producers through this modern age.

Financial intermediaries will be financial institutions with financial market segments as such brokers, for debtors and lenders to trade through all of them indirectly. Basically, regarding a much simplified circumstance of transferring funds, monetary intermediary supplies means to connect surplus brokers (lenders) and deficit providers (borrowers). An average example of a financial intermediary might be a commercial traditional bank that pulls surplus in the form of customer build up and make use of these cash to issue all kinds of financial loans to those with deficits. Through this scenario the lenders are successfully people who save with the lender and they benefit from earning interests for their build up; meanwhile the financial institution acts about behave of its clients to deal with consumers. Despite the fact that all of us are accustomed to the existence of financial intermediaries and each of our personal dealings with all of them, it is not clear at all why such establishments are necessary. This dissertation hence should provide a quick description around the basic uses of financial intermediaries and the benefits of conducting monetary trades through these intermediaries. Throughout this report, for the purpose of the simplicity of plus the accessibility to the information, the author might base nearly all his arguments on the functions of a typical industrial bank. It should be noted that this work is fundamentally based on the materials succumbed lectures in recent weeks.

Functionalities of economic Intermediaries

Just as any other banking institutions do, economical intermediaries are present to provide certain forms of support that are typically in well-liked demand by the financial marketplace and its participants. In this section the three primary functionalities of a financial intermediary such as a commercial bank, which can be Maturity Change, Risk Alteration and Comfort Denomination, are highlighted and explained.

Maturity Transformation

In financial terms, maturity refers to the ultimate payment day of any financial instrument such as loans and savers' deposits. For example , when an individual deposit a specific amount into their personal fixed-term keeping account which has a bank, the maturity with this deposit would arrive following your pre-agreed period when the financial institution returns the funds (initial deposit additionally interests) for the person. In the same way, when the same bank issues a loan into a lender, the maturity day of this mortgage is agreed between the traditional bank and the lender upon if the total sum of the initial loan as well as interests would have been paid back to the traditional bank by the loan provider.

Monetary intermediary hence is able to execute maturity transformations by switching short term debts to long term assets. When it comes to a commercial financial institution, its high number customers each has diverse...


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