Principles and Foundations of Health Education and Campaign, 5e (Cottrell et 's. ) Phase 1 A Background for the Job

1) Which will of the following phrases best describes the authors' watch of the position of health education? Wellness education is definitely A) a calling.

B) a profession.

C) an applied discipline.

D) an emerging profession.

Solution: D

2) The body of expertise, principles, and concepts found in health education/promotion come from various disciplines. What kind of the pursuing is not just one the major professions supporting well being education/promotion? A) Physics

B) Biology

C) Sociology

D) Medical sciences

Answer: A

3) Which one of those below is not used to define an occupation? A profession A) has a code of ethics.

B) provides an income.

C) provides a unique and important social support.

D) posseses an association that represents the profession.

Response: B

4) A professional prepared individual taught to use suitable educational methods and tactics to help the development of plans, procedures, interventions and devices conducive to the health of individuals, groups, and communities is known as a A) community planner.

B) promotion specialist.

C) health educator.

D) professional.

Answer: C

5) During the 1850s to 1955s, the primary concentrate of the the public overall health effort in the us was to A) reduce medical care costs.

B) control persistent diseases.

C) control infectious diseases.

D) develop countrywide health care protection.

Answer: C

6) The greatest potential for minimizing morbidity, keeping lives, and reducing medical care costs in america through well being promotion and disease reduction was understood by the A) early 1900s.

B) late 1950s.

C) mid 1970s.

D) early 2000s.

Answer: C

7) Which of the pursuing is not really recognized as a dimension of health? A) Physical

B) Emotional

C) Spiritual

D) Political

Response: D

8) An approach to overall health that targets balancing the dimensions of your person's lifestyle through the usage of well being enhancing behaviors is known as A) public health.

B) wellness.

C) community health.

D) wellness promotion.

Answer: B

9) Which with the following research utilizes a telephone interview to collect wellness data? A) The National Health and Nutrition Examination Review

B) The Behavioral Risk Factor Monitoring Survey

C) The Junior Risk Habit Surveillance Program

D) The National Overall health Interview Study

Answer: D

10) Which will of the subsequent surveys gathers health data about scholars? A) The National Health insurance and Nutrition Evaluation Survey

B) The Behavioral Risk Aspect Surveillance Survey

C) The National University Health Examination

D) The National Wellness Interview Survey

Answer: C

11) The federal government's 1980 file that offered a formula of the well being promotion and disease reduction strategy is called A) Code Blue.

B) Healthy Persons 2020.

C) Quality of Life in the usa.

D) Advertising Health/Preventing Disease: Objectives for any Nation. Answer: D

12) The number of fatalities per 75, 000 human population is known as

A) crude level.

B) a particular rate.

C) the fatality rate.

D) the morbidity rate.

Solution: C

13) A rate for a specific populace subgroup (e. g. death rate to get 40—50 yr olds) is referred to as A) fatality.

B) life span.

C) the actual.

D) Numerous years of Potential Lifestyle Lost [YPLL].

Answer: C

14) The average period of time of life remaining is known as the A) death price.

B) fatality rate.

C) life expectancy.

D) Disability-Adjusted Your life Years [DALY].

Solution: C

15) Which charge is the way of measuring premature fatality?

A) Mortality rate

B) Infant fatality rate

C) Years of Potential Life Shed [YPLL]

D) Health-Related Quality lifestyle [HRQOL]

Response: C

16) The primary big difference between the wellness education/promotion job and other aiding professions in achieving the objectives of the job is A) the business of written...


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